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Boy/Girl Icons

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boy/girl icons.
boy/girl icons: a multi-fandom community dedicated to the current obsessions or loves of the icon maker's lives.
» if you take anything, comment and credit this community or the maker of the icon. if you are not sure how to credit us, here's an example.
» do not modify the icons in any way, even if they're plain, and claim them as your own.
» do not redistribute.
» please do not use on xanga.
» please do not hotlink. bitches will be cut if icons are hotlinked. if you do not know the meaning of hotlinking, go to this site: http://altlab.com/hotlinking.html
if you have not updated your icon journal/community for at least two months, then you will be removed from this list. it's only fair to have active communities affliated with us.

birdofjune falsexpretense good_oc iconer_me kokamino_icons lali_sweety lizeatsbbz masked_lovex murdermachine revelatiion slash_that snubbly speeding_icons thisplacehotel walk_that_line wantmisslove

to become an affliate, please comment on this entry.
breakfast at tiffany's: vintagedarlin_x at dj_capslock
supernatural & channel 10 ids: bluebear_74
lifted caps: echoism at outgone
gossip girl, grey's anatomy s4 & one tree hilll s5: dj43 at dj_capslock
textures: tokyo.disparue.org, peoplemachines, dearest, ohfreckle, vert_gazon, winter_kismet, leelarama, glimerless, xswaniconsx, houseforlife at eveningwalk
where it's due.
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